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Ploter’s Service

Ploter’s Service we are already with you for 7 years, however, we have 20 years of experience in the field of printing and advertising. Our offer includes a wide and rich selection of equipment for large-format printing, from small Eco devices to mega UV printers with a width of up to 5 m. Currently, we are the largest European provider of professional large format printers company Pegasus and STORMjET wide-format printers from the segment. We also provide the highest quality inks solwentowe known, the Swiss brand NUtec, which are compatible with the latest inks to MUTOH, MIMAKI, ROLAND plotter to meet the same expectations of the most demanding customers. As a complement to the deals we supply our customers in a wide range of accessories including: laminators, oczkarki, welders, and in a whole range of essential products that ensure customer satisfaction. Our company is efficient service focused exclusively on customer satisfaction.

What we provide

The right place! We supply the best quality large format printers at discounted prices! Unfortunately, if you would like to have overcharged or spend more money because you look at the name of the plotter is a bad place. We offer vinyl Pegasus, STORMjET and WIT COLOR are the best solutions in the relatively lowest prices, thanks to the low cost of investment and economic operation of pass your your competition right from the start.

As the only provider of plotters, we have introduced a special service procedures for fast and seamless support for installed devices. Our customers are specially trained and prepared for the unforeseen situations related to emergency situations. Thanks to our innovation and online support our customers enjoy a hassle-free and safety of use.

Our company specializes in sales, service and consulting in the field of large-format digital printing systems. Thanks to many years of experience, we provide you the highest quality and professionalism in the selection of appropriate solutions in accordance with Your expectations.

Our idea is based on offering a professional and comprehensive solutions in terms of choosing the right equipment as well then the corresponding service. Because all the time we are expanding the circle of cooperating with us and we are looking for new and better suppliers. This ensures that starting with the cooperation with our company are gaining you valuable business partner. Cooperation with Ploter’s Service is the beginning of a new quality and a low price guarantee! We provide full support, advice and favorable service contract. Our expertise is at your disposal.

Increase in sales of UV plotters

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Why Ploter’s Service?

Read a little about us:)

Ploter’s we are with you already 7 years!

-We offer our customers large format solutions for many applications the type eco, uv, water and sublimation. Plotters Inks accessories, sales and service. We supply the latest solutions in a relatively affordable price. Our plotters out to the most popular and most of the installed equipment in the segment of medium and big format-based EPSON RICOH SPECTRA and TOSHIBA. Printing plotters as well as cutting are equipped with standard in a professional software rip PHOTOPRINT for printing and FLEXI in application of cutting plotters.  We also offer high quality solwentowe inks, sublimation and UV, we provide full technical support, service and the necessary software. Our wide range includes printing plotters, both new and used, we also supply vinyl cutters, laminators, dosuszarki, trimmers and a whole range of accessories for advertising companies. Ploter’s Service is the largest European distributor plotters STORMjET produced by the largest supplier of plotters international company SkyColor-simultaneously in 2015 we have made cooperation with the supplier of heavy superformatowych plotters Wit-Color.


For many years, we are also the only distributor of the highest quality solvent inks to plotters known Swiss brands NUtec. NUtec inks are compatible with the latest inks to MUTOH plotters ROLAND, MIMAKI and meet all the requirements and expectations of even the most sophisticated clients. Add us to your Favorites on Facebook and follow our news on YouTube – you will always find the current links to promotions, the latest software or other necessary and helpful sources of information. The UV printer, solwentowe, sublimation and eco. Check out our offer.

Ploter’s Service – we deliver the plotters of several leading manufacturers. Our suppliers are manufacturers of high quality devices based on verified and tailored solutions to known producers: EPSON, RICOH, SPECTRA, Panasonic and others. In 2015 year our portfolio grew about UV Printer series hybrids Pegasus, STORMjET and UV flatbed company Wit-Color.

  • Wit-Color
  • Skycolor
  • Fedar

We invite you to familiarize with our offer.

Ploter’s Service-as a provider of plotters and other equipment for large-format printing, we offer very good ink for plotter. We also provide services in the area of profiling, and color customization. We offer inks Swiss company NUtec-high quality products fully compatible with plotters ROLAND, MIMAKI, MUTOH, EPSON and other technology-based EPSON, SEIKO, RICOH or KM.

  • Eko oil solvent
  • oil solvent
  • UV LED (for all types of heads)
  • sublimation
  • water
  • MUTOH, Roland, Mimaki, Epson

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We service large format solvent printers and plotters. We provide and ferujemy technical support along with parts and supplies for all plotters available on the market:

  • Wit-Color
  • Zenith
  • and other

Services we provide across the country.