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Printer Leasing…
We do not charge any Commission!
Did you know that …

  • Any financial adviser gets a Commission from you
  • do not you know that it is always 5% to 10%
  • Commissions are hidden and never see

Printer Leasing

The printer leasing is a financing offer printers, which Ploter’s Service prepared specifically to be able to be matched to your needs and possibilities. Digital printer leasing allows you to purchase our large format printers, not engaging with this large investment. We are in the market for many years, so now we work with the best advisors.

Leasing printers – benefits:

  • We do not charge any Commission
  • do not hide the additional costs
  • We fund the printers from other providers
  • We provide fast and Cheap printer leasing
  • minimum of formalities
  • 99% positive decision!
  • the possibility of lending
  • attractive interest rate per annum
  • low own contribution
  • offer tailored individually to each client
  • the ability to account for VAT
  • quick decision for printer leasing
  • redeemability printers after a finite lease
  • the ability to take advantage of deals across the country
  • the decision in 15 minutes
  • easy insurance
  • financing of protection

We will help you choose the perfect printer leasing
and we will find the right way of financing

leasing ploterów

Why We

  • We do not charge any Commission
  • We act quickly
  • We offer packages and kits
  • We guarantee professional advice
  • We provide additional support and contract sewisowe for the duration of the Lease
  • Flexible printer leasing or the ability to Exchange or upgrade your equipment during the lease

About us

The failure of the old plotter I almost killed my business, fortunately Ploter’s Service provided with plotter the perfect financing! The machine was installed before the funding decision, this is just the service.

Andrzej, Aga Net

Bravo, the first wynegocjowałem the price of the equipment and then I was able to still cheap wyleasingować. I got 5 leasing quotes from several different banks, thanks to the selected offer by their advisor I have finally stable and cheap leasing.

Jacek, Axel

Do not charge a Commission on the lease! This means that it is always cheaper, do not agree on the hidden costs and Ploter’s Service always, everything is clear and legible. Leasing commissions and concerned fees-I recommend!

Grzegoż, XYZ.PL