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the problems with the plotterFind out more about Via Color help and support policy. Your printer problem is ours duty we help you with pleaser. Recognize the capabilities of Pegasus STORMjET Via Color, use the instructions, download the latest drivers, colour profiles and video tutorials available in the online help. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any problems with the plotter. Get support, professional advice or service. Please-follow the instructions on the page. Get the answer to the printer problem and deal with the plotter.

What is TeamViewer, do I have to have it?2017-10-28T11:14:47+00:00

TeamViever is a program that allows remote connection to your computer and printer for diagnostic purposes in the context of online support. The software is completely safe with no worries, you can download and install them, it is a necessary tool that will certainly come in handy we can quickly diagnose your printer problem.
Download and install the.

Ink or Paint2017-10-28T11:34:38+00:00

Ink is a paint used in plotters, printers, and other similar devices. We distinguish between inks: water, solvent, eco-solvent, sublimation, pigmented, UV, latex. You cannot mix inks because there is a risk of destruction of the head and other parts of the printer.


Material for printing used for highlights.


Srtips and on the printed page. Often occurs as a result of clogged head nozzles. Another cause is a bad setting of media feed.


Printing mode that printer carriage with with heads works both directions. This is a more efficient form of print, however less precision printing. It is recommended to use Uni-Direction mode in order to obtain the highest quality and sharpness of the image details.

Cap Cleaning2017-10-28T11:38:23+00:00

Function for cleaning cap-top, the pump and the structures that carry ink, is part of the daily maintenance of the plotter. See the training video

Cap Top |Capping2017-10-28T11:39:14+00:00

An element with plastic and rubber responsible security head at rest the plotter. At the same time is responsible for the proper cleaning of the head and is connected to the pump. CAP  Top ranks among the supplies and his condition should be continuously monitored for printhead security reasons.


Otherwise print-head movable part with printheads


Electronic printer lock against use alternative inks, toner or other supplies.


Constant ink supply system plotter/printer ink. We distinguish between a factory original cartridge system or adopted for alternative inks .


Print head cleaning function – printer has several options for cleaning, the most common are: LIGHT (light cleaning), STANDARD (indirect cleaning) and HEAVY or STRONG (strong cleaning). Any process head cleaning consumes some ink!

Encoder Sensor2017-10-28T11:42:55+00:00

This is a sensor located on the carriage for the positioning of the print heads together with  encoder Strip, damage or dirt causes a disruption or completely prevents printing. Damage to the encoder sensor is often confused with the encoder.


Ink tank that acts as well as filter function, is located directly above the head. These include supplies and should be replaced approximately every 3-6 months depending on the intensity and quality of the ink.


External device used to accelerate drying prints. It is strongly recommended to use external dryer especially in combination with a Take Up.

Wave Printing Dispersion2017-10-28T11:43:53+00:00

This is a special printing mode that eliminates the effect of bandingu/stripping. Is to use special software encoded in RIP, enabling running this mode. Printing wave has a dozen different operating modes.

Printing on textiles2017-10-28T11:44:14+00:00

Direct printing on materials, fabrics and textiles in dye sublimation technology. Performs it on special textylnych plotters STORMjET TX after you print the image perpetuates with the help of an external heater for sublimation or HTX STORMjET calander


Mark the print heads EPSON DX4-outdated technology is currently not used in new plotters and printers

DX-5 DX-6 DX-72017-10-28T11:44:36+00:00

The latest EPSON heads. Integrated to provide the highest quality and printing specifications. Currently used in all new plotters with EPSON technology

The daily maintenance of the plotter2017-10-28T11:45:25+00:00

This is a set of steps that should be performed by the user each day at the end of the work the plotter. To the daily maintenance includes activities carried out with the help of a cleaning kit: manually remove dirt collected around printhead, cap and cleaning station wiper, capping. Execute cleaning from the plotter menu, execute cap clean with the plotter menu.


Is a special tape installed along the carriage guide, responsible for accurate carriage and heads positioning. Dirt or damage stops printer. Gentle cleaning is required using a dry cloth free


The printing part, includes head supplies. Due to the special construction is subject to the special care of the user, should be tested and regularly cleaned before each printing.


Plotter has 3 heaters on the printer, keep the temperature of the media to correct the application and persist ink. Too much heat (35 c) can cause ink dry and the result is a permanent lose printing nozzles.

When you run the plotter in the head are mixed colors.2017-10-28T11:59:22+00:00

a) do the 2 strong head cleaning
b) complete the ink level in the tanks, always leave the ink at the same level for all colors-you can avoid in the future similar disturbances.


The carriage is a movable part with heads.


Material or media on which printing: paper, vinyl, foil, banner, etc.

Printer inspection2017-10-28T11:51:03+00:00

Is a regular Act of service performed by authorized service in order to maintain a plotter in good technical condition. The activities performed during the review include: replacement filters, replacement cap top, wiper replacement, replacement of the structures that carry ink, tension adjustment the transmission bars, cleansing components optics and sensors, control and check the efficiency of the heaters plotter calibration heads.

Cleaning station2017-10-28T10:40:04+00:00

The element responsible for security and cleaning the plotter head consisting of: captop, wiper, pump, pipes. These include supplies, and is one of the most important elements of the energy supply in the ink and print.


Printing ink for textile fabric.


Setting a special colour calibration in order to obtain the best effect of colors on the printed page.


Element cleaning station, the pump is operating, its work should be monitored by the user.


The term denoting a plotter or printer


The print head-element cartridge, includes head supplies. Due to the special construction is subject to the special care of the user, should be tested and regularly cleaned before each printing.

Take up System2017-10-28T11:52:32+00:00

Option for the plotter, winding media mechanism performed prints directly to the plotter.


Printing mode imposing ink in only one direction movement of the carriage of the head.

The Variable Dot2017-10-28T10:40:05+00:00

Variable Drop-Printing System that allows the head of the correct ink overlay on the media. By applying this technology prints are photo-quality, particularly in tonal crossing their faces and other detailed prints.


The Small rubber element responsible for proper cleaning of the head, is a part of cleaning station and supplies.


Leftover ink flowing down into the tank. The remnants of ink should be secured and put into chemical company. It is forbidden to pour into drains!

Variable drop2017-10-28T10:40:06+00:00

The variable Dot-Printing System, which enables the appropriate head ink overlay on the media, thanks to the use of this technology prints are photo-quality, especially in tonal crossing, faces and other detailed prints.

Cleaning Kit2017-10-28T11:54:56+00:00

This is a special set intended for daily maintenance of the plotter, includes: cleaning liquid, cloth dust-free, anti-static pads, gloves, cleaning liquid dispenser.

Plotter does not turn on, what should I do?2017-10-28T11:55:19+00:00

a) check that it is securely plugged into an electrical outlet.
b) check or replace the UPS
c) replace the fuse located on the main switch.
d) does not help-make a service request.

Plotter is enabled, does not respond to tasks on the computer.2017-10-28T11:56:31+00:00

a) restart the computer and plotter.
b) check whether the driver is installed correctly-Windows device manager.
c) replace the USB cable
d) does not help-make a service request.

RIP program will not start.2017-10-28T11:58:22+00:00

a) check whether the key “dongle” is connected to the computer USB.
b) make sure that the connected key lights up green if it does not pass to another USB port. In the absence of a response install the drivers key.
c) disable antivirus and firewall programs.
d) restore Windows to previous configuration-manual.
e) install the program again.

Plotter does not detect the media.2017-10-28T11:58:33+00:00

a) clear the sensor using a cloth or algae cleaner (without fluid)
b) verify that the sensor is properly connected
c) make sure that the sensor is not broken or detached for carriage of
d) does not help, make a service request.

Print paskuje, what to do?2017-10-28T11:58:42+00:00

a) take a test head, make sure that all jets are way
b) do the head cleaning and retake the test
d) if there has been improvement, but still paskuje follow the cleaning procedure to effect
c) if the head is the way start printing

Head cleaning does not help.2017-10-28T11:59:02+00:00

a) check for leaks between head and captopem, the head must tightly adhere to captopa.
b) if captop is attached tightly to clean the print head does not help, replace the captop or follow the steps indicated below.
a) follow the procedure cap clean video.
b) make sure that the drainage tubes are way-fluid and ink should flow down to the tank debris.
c) if the liquid does not passes through, replace or przetkaj tubes.
d) also check that the hoses are not loose or leaking.
e) hoses are unobstructed, and the fluid does not flow-replace the pump.
f) if the pump runs, the hoses are unobstructed and fluid flows freely into the tank and head still do not want to clear the execute procedure soaking-in the MEDIA menu, take the ambulance left, pour cleaning liquid to cap-top, press the BACK button. The ambulance will come back to the place-make sure that the cleaning station is properly parked and correctly attached to the head. Turn off the plotter and leave for 1-12 hours.

The head is way, but print on paskuje.2017-10-28T11:59:16+00:00

a) run PHOTOPRINT and calibrate media feed
b) select another profile
c) check the quality of the media do the same print on another ground
d) check the ink level in the tanks and fill in the gaps
e) make sure that wężykach to the head are visible air bubbles
f) observe whether you print head does not touch the ground
g) in the case of the banner use torch or heat gun in order to get rid of fibers and debris from the cut edge of the banner, stick to the head and cause the bands. On the test often can’t see
h) remove any dirt and fibers stuck to the base of the carriage

Plotter begins paskować after some time?2017-10-28T11:59:33+00:00

a) check the temperature and ambient humidity. The valid range for temperature: 18 c-24 c and humidity 40%-80%-work in other conditions causing shanking and head bands.
b) lower the temperature of the heaters on the plotter-do not exceed 32 c
c) replace filters on the head
d) check the ink level in tanks
e) make sure that the arrangement between the tank and the head is sealed and has no leaks or air bubbles in the lines.
f) perform head cleaning when printing/PAUSE/CLEANING/ENTER

Ink droplets falling on a printout.2017-10-28T11:59:55+00:00

a) replace the cable leaks, remove the filters) between the ink tanks and head.
b) replace the wiper of the head
c) set the printing function of the COLOR BAR
d) to check the status of the consumption of the plotter head-head over time loses its parameters and comes to a similar phenomenon.

I am printing small fonts, how to improve the precision of printing?2017-10-28T12:00:04+00:00

a) lower the head
b) set the highest resolution
c) select the print mode from the unilateral imposition of
d) release the carriage speed

To print a thin vertical lines are double.2017-10-28T12:00:10+00:00

a) do the calibration of BI-Direction
b) set the optimal height of the head
c) clear the encoder with a dry cloth dust-free-gently so as not to damage the

Colors print is different than on the monitor.2017-10-28T12:01:00+00:00

Unfortunately, getting prints in 100% the same color as the screen is virtually impossible. You can achieve similar colors by doing the following:
a) make monitor calibration with the help of X-Rite
b) do the individual calibration plotter on any surface
c) always use the same inks and substrates

Plotter prints other colours than before.2017-10-28T12:01:12+00:00

and make sure you are using that) the same settings as before
b) select the same color profile
c) check the plotter uses the same ink
d) take the test and see if all the sections of the heads are working properly and are way
e) make sure that you have not mixed up the colors in the ink tanks.

Print has a different size than the project.2017-10-28T12:01:22+00:00

a) check the scale, mm, cm or pixels
b) make sure that the project contains a white background or white frame
c) in PHOTOPRINT start option MEDIA OUTPUT COMPENSATION and scale the correct aspect ratio (note that performance may vary depending on whether you are using/not using the winder)

LCD display shows nothing, or is not readable.2017-10-28T12:01:30+00:00

a) cable is too loosely joined, a Repin plug or replace the cable
c) set the display contrast in the plotter menu
d) damaged LCD display-replace

Foil is raised when printing.2017-10-28T12:01:35+00:00

and reduce the heating on the table temperature) the plotter
b) correct the imposition of media
c) set properly dealing with particulars navigation and attach the line film
d) store films and other media in a room in conditions similar to the work of the plotter. High temperature and humidity difference between the room and the external conditions is not recommended, it is required to foil before printing mellowed in the room at least 24-48 hours. One Way Vision film should be stored in the bag.

Ambulance hooks the media.2017-10-28T12:01:42+00:00

a) wear buckles leading media under the head
b) lift the ambulance
c) where the media argue on the change to another manufacturer
d) increase the podsys on the table

Visible traces of guide rolls on foil.2017-10-28T12:01:57+00:00

a) adjust the working conditions and storage media in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations-particularly visible on films due to a two-tier structure (paper + foil) paper absorbs water from the air like a sponge, losing consistency in as a result, may cause similar phenomena.
b) change the foil or foil on another manufacturer

The carriage is going to end and hitting the brake.2017-10-28T12:02:18+00:00

a) clear the encoder.
b) clear the encoder sensor.
c) replace the encoder or sensor.
d) a Repin or replace the USB cable.
e) reinstall the USB drivers WINDOWS on your computer.

Printer stops message-CHECK USB CABLE.2017-10-28T12:02:45+00:00

a) check that the cable is securely connected to the computer and plotter
b) replace the USB cable (preferably short and high-quality filter)
c) to verify settings WINDOWS
d) change in Windows power saving settings (turn off the computer to sleep and turn off)
e) turn off the antivirus and firewall
f) eliminate the voltage drops in the electrical network, use the stabilizer or UPS.
g) reinstall WINDOWS, or replace the computer

Can I use printer computer for other work and software?2017-10-28T12:03:50+00:00

Strongly discouraged the installation of other programs to RIP. Very often brings it to the work of the Windows operating system, which translates into strongly typed on the quality of the work and the stability of the system. The computer should be under constant supervision of the design, it should have a backup in order to recover data.

On the market are also available other programs to support the plotter or Photoprint is enough?2017-10-28T12:05:05+00:00

So, RIP PHOTOPRINT 11/12 is a modern, fast and stable. Has all the necessary features for professional working with plotters STORMjET, generates stunning prints as well as provides full access to calibration function.

Is the maintenance necessary?2017-10-28T13:15:34+00:00

Yes, the wide format printer is a device that requires regular maintenance performed by trained service, preventing these steps may cause a drastic decline in the quality of, or cause damage to the machine and its components.

Does the electrical installation must have an impact on the work of the plotter?2017-10-28T12:05:58+00:00

Yes, the electrical installation must comply with all standards and be carried out in accordance with the rules and directives. In addition, a set of cartridge should be connected by UPS or another filter antyprzepięciowy. Irregularities in the electrical network are the most common cause of damage to the equipment or disorders. Another important aspect is the security antyburzowe, unfortunately, the best protection is disconnect the devices from the network.

Is the head the part or a supply?2017-10-28T12:08:14+00:00

Print head belongs to the supplies, which means that it is naturally wearing element over time and the intensity of use.

Is it true that the heads are very delicate and easily damagable?2017-10-28T12:08:58+00:00

The head is highly technologically advanced product, incorrect or incompetent use of the plotter can easily lead to drying out or clogging the head significantly lower print quality or completely prevent the work of the plotter.

Apparently the head can be regenerated?2017-10-28T10:49:59+00:00

Yes it's true, unfortunately, not all types are suitable for cleaning between the other EPSON heads are too delicate, in the wake of the rinsing or cleaning followed by irreversible damage to the piezo elements, resulting in a total elimination of head . In addition, the use of remanufactured heads can lead to a short circuit and damage the electronic plotter.

In case of probvlem how long I have to wait for service?2017-10-28T12:10:32+00:00

Service Via Color take immediate action once you report a problem. Solution goes in less than 2 h. We have all the spare parts on stock  guarantee an immediate response and remove disturbances.

What are the used media, are there any requirements?2017-10-28T12:11:21+00:00

Ploter prints on standard media specially adapted for printing. However, it is best to choose the media higher quality, to ensure proper color reproduction and stable operation of the plotter.

What does the online service?2017-10-28T12:11:56+00:00

This is a remotely diagnose the problem and its solution. Computer connected to the network provides us all the necessary system information and error codes. On this basis, we make remote repair, configuration or training.

Can I mix the other type of ink?2017-10-28T12:13:13+00:00

No, STORMjET plotter is designed to use paints with special characteristics and specific characteristics. Use of other inks can cause irreversible damage to the plotter printing system, as well as may adversely affect the environment-cheap inks usually come from the import and have not verified the chemical composition.

My printer has heads EPSON DX5, can I apply the DX7 heads?2017-10-28T12:13:47+00:00

Yes, the plotter STORMjET has this capability. This is a printer to work on two types of printheads. Unfortunately, although heads EPSON DX7 are cheaper is their lifespan is much shorter than the DX5. In addition, require the use of special inks much higher parameters

Is it true that heads EPSON DX5 are better than the DX7?2017-10-28T12:14:00+00:00

So, technology EPSON DX5 is checked and proved to be very durable vinyl print up to three times longer than given by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, DX7 new generation require special inks in nano technology, which are much more expensive, in addition, the life of warheads DX7 is greatly reduced in comparison with DX5.

What are the most common causes of cloging or drying out the heads?2017-10-28T12:16:13+00:00

Unfortunately, the greatest impact on the durability of the heads are you as a user . See the most common errors of the operator: the lack of daily maintenance, failure to rinse the cleaning fluid station, bad working conditions, low or high temperature, low humidity. You can not leave the plotter printing without supervision in the the case of jams or lifting the head media hits on the surface of the material causing irreversible damage. The use of low-quality inks, lack of maintenance, failure to Exchange filters, cleaning stations and pumps, leaving plotter for several weeks without running, dust and other dirt deposited on the surface of the head.

Under what conditions should work plotter?2017-10-28T10:50:00+00:00

Both the plotter and the computer should be operated in enclosed spaces, in a temperature range of 18 c-24 c and humidity at least 40%. The use of the plotter in other conditions is responsible for many negative effects, including: przysychanie heads, incorrect colors, damage control and many others. Therefore, you should follow the instructions from the manufacturer.

No responses to my question-what to do?2017-10-28T10:50:00+00:00

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