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Eco Pegasus Spider

Next the 5th generation of the bestselling plotter! More than 350 insatalacji in Poland! Another even better solutions, reach after proven solutions. Delve into the world of perfect print with convenient software RIP. Discover what simple and fast becoming the print, along with new software Photoprint 11. Choose between resolutions, profiles and media. Adjust the parameters to your liking. Feel on your skin which means professional printing by using the advanced settings.



Eco-Solvent Printer/Mild Solvent

Pegasus Spider new Eco-Solvent Printer the next edition of the popular printer!
now available new models with more options
new improved handling of the media!
the original Japanese solution

plotter eco

The eco-solvent printer

Pegasus STORMjET 7161 is the eco large format printer with a wide range of applications, primarily in the advertising industry, but not only. Below are some examples of the application of the eco solvent printer Pegasus 7161 ECO:

advertising graphics in a wide sense and apply
advertising banners, tarpaulins, tents, nets
foil, vinyl, paper, billboards, advertising on cars
media on shop Windows, doors and Windows
billboards, traffic signs
materials, textiles, plastics
mouse pads, glass film, self-adhesive
vinyle on furniture, floor graphics
Photo wallpapers, images, posters, home decor
CAD work
architectural designs, plans, maps, technical drawings
eco solvent printer prints on all possible types of media
available with a role or sheets
eco solvent printer only limited possibilities of human imagination

In addition, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the latest range of printers and printers, UV

The most important advantages

Thanks to modern technology, as well as high-quality materials and components of Japanese companies, PANASONIC and other renowned Japanese companies, the printer impresses with its quality, performance printing as well as ease of use . The biggest advantages at a glance below:

very high print quality
warranty 12 months with possible extension
safety at work-eco solvent printer has all CE certificates and declarations of conformity
full technical support
technology EPSON DX5/DX7
Photoprint 11 Professional and safe software
a rich equipment
variable drop
print the wave without strapping
speed and productivity up to 25 m/h (2 head)
the factory system consistent supply in ink
non-locking machine cards CHIP

Starter package

Under the ordered device customer gets not only a eco solvent printer of the equipment. Indeed, the set provides a quick start in the business! Below is a list of additional equipment as well as full technical support based on the professional training to use the printer and software. As part of the installation the eco solvent printer eco Pegasus in the start package we provide:

additional external multifunction dosuszarka
heavy feeding and winding the media
software RIP Photoprint DX or 12
PC Pegasus, UPS filter (if you have been additionally ordered)
Warranty 24 months with possible extension
4 liters of CMYK ink
a special cleaning kit
delivery to the client
commissioning, training, calibration

Printing specifications

Eco solvent printer eco Pegasus Spider has the print heads EPSON DX5 or EPSON DX7, depending on the order and the needs of the customer can choose between two types of technology. The quality which guarantees the eco solvent printer eco Pegasus Spider does not rely only on Epson heads. Excellent quality and high performance was achieved thanks to a combination of factors, including: software, materials, precision and high-quality components which meet the highest requirements in specific parameters . Also difficult to not notice the innovative technological solutions, thanks to which the eco solvent printer prints while retaining the highest quality parameters and stability.

Solvent printer ECO solvent ink, not washable weather resistant
Heads DX5 DX7 resolution up to 1440 DPI
variable drop ideal tone while maintaining high printing speed
print the wave is fast printing without strapping in over 12 different modes
intelligent control system and the administration of the media
maximum speed up to 25 m/h (2 head)
print width: 180 cm (7181)
duration: no limit


Eco without RIP software is only half the battle, Via Color provides the original professional print management software and additional parameters eco solvent printer reputable company SAi PhotoPRINT 11. Eco solvent printer Pegasus is fully compatible with PhotoPRINT, provides the speed, safety, quality, and ease of use.

ergonomic and easy to use
fast, stable and secure
adapted to the platforms WINDOWS XP/VISTA/7/8
base color profiles
color profile editor

Technical support

Via Color as one of the few suppliers ensures steady and reliable technical support to the Eco solvent printers eco series Pegasus Spider. As part of the service the client is trained to quickly and efficiently able to cope in any situation and was able to continue working on the Eco solvent printer without unnecessary downtime and loss. Under warranty or service contract:

fast response service throughout the country
full phone support for questions or problems
Instant online support
remote connection to the Eco solvent printer
diagnosis and repair on-line
remote training, calibration, software updates

Available Installation Training

Printer eco Pegasus Spider 7161/7181 is a modern highly sophisticated device, because this cannot be launched by a person without specialized training. Specialist Via Color within the delivery shall start, calibration, software installation, training inclusive. Via Color also guarantees transport under the address of the place of installation of the device. On the client side is only to ensure the transport of the vehicle to the destination room inside the building. In the scope of supply we provide professional printer support and software training. The customer is also privy to basic technical issues to ensure effective, reliable, and complete satisfaction of working on the printer Pegasus Spider. Implementation and delivery time depends on the amount of orders and inventory. In most cases, delivery is made to the 5 working days after and completing your order.

Funding for Bonuses

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Presented to the printers is a good and effective solutions on the Polish market. The lower price along with the print quality. The main advantage is durability and price, while maintaining excellent print. Allows you to use original inks, and replacements. Presented with a description on the pages may differ from the product, the information presented are for informational purposes and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of article 66 par. 1 of the civil code.