Here:--Large format laminator ViaCoat 1704

Large format laminator ViaCoat 1704

Large format laminator ViaCoat 1704 mutually laminating device with high performance in hot rollers specifically designed for demanding users. Excels in all conditions. Laminator for a wide range of clients ranging from small businesses to the advanced production facilities. The unique design provides a stable and safe operation, also allows you to use a wide range of materials and media, allowing versatile use.



Large format large format laminator ViaCoat 1704

Hot on both sides for secure prints
floor graphics, vehicles, rollups and other
branded products
1704 ViaCoat

large format laminator

What can the large format large format laminator?

A serie of large format laminator ViaCoat 1704 is a high-quality roller device designed for cold lamination, heat, and hot. Ideal not only for lamination and secure prints, but also by industrial art images on plates or foam. What is the large format laminator that is to explain the process of lamination?

Lamination or foiling with the help of our large format laminators role-playing is a type of security that the print sticking to
surface printed special protective transparent film. The process is done using our large format laminators with one-component adhesive film for cold or hot.

There are two methods of applying laminate, you can apply security single as well as double-sided depending on the purpose for which the application being performed. Cold lamination is uniformly laminate on the ground and takes place without the use of high temperatures, because the glue is active at room temperature and the most important factor is the consistent pressure that provides a smooth surface the laminate.

Most of our large format laminators have heating rollers, which when heated. 30-60th. (C) produce the effect of “flexibility,” which is the flexibility of the laminate and the adhesive by facilitating and improving the effect of cold lamination. Because of the price of equipment, this method is very popular, wrzechstronnie and allows you to secure your most print materials available on the market for example. foils, papers, media fair, floor graphics, etc.

Hot lamination is activated adhesive contained in foil using high temperature through the large format laminator rollers warmed up to temperature 80-120st. (C). This technology is significantly cheaper in use, however, has a number of limitations due to high temperatures may be used only for prints made on media thermally. It is not recommended to use for printing on transparencies and other artificial plastic materials, to be used especially for printing on paper. Secure documents and prints are extremely durable.

 Large Format large format laminator

Lamination protects printed primarily from mechanical factors, but also against the weather and UV radiation and is used to provide protection against:

  • the destruction of
  • getting dirty
  • moisture
  • abrasion
  • UVA and UVB

Example use a large format laminator ViaCoat 1704

  • applications for vehicles
  • floor graphics
  • transparencies, banners
  • advertising boards (exposed to solar radiation)
  • rollup and other reusable apps (mechanical failure)
  • internal and external graphics

We also offer automatic, semi-automatic, welding machines for banners, mesh, cleaning kits and large format laminators
We provide delivery, supplies and parts and service.
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large format laminator

The most important advantages

Thanks to the latest technologies as well as high-quality large format large format laminator ViaCoat 1704 LM is an attractive choice for beginners and advanced producers of Thermo sublimation. Device impresses with its quality, performance as well as ease of use. The biggest advantages at a glance below:

double sided mode!
attractive price
high performance
high quality and precision
Silicone rollers a wide diameter
pneumatic pressure control
Digital speed control and temperature
safety at work-large format large format laminator is certified CE
full technical support
warranty 12 months with possible extension

large format laminator

Technical support

Via Color as one of the few suppliers ensures steady and reliable technical support. Large format large format laminator series 1704 ViaCoat. comes with a standard 1 year warranty. As part of the service the client is trained to quickly and efficiently able to cope in any situation and was able to continue working on a typewriter without unnecessary downtime and loss. Under warranty or service contract:

fast response service throughout the country
full phone support for questions or problems
Instant online support
diagnosis and repair on-line
remote training, calibration, software updates

large format laminator

Technical specifications

Large format large format laminator

1704 ViaCoat 

temperature:  Max. 150 ° c
Max. speed: to 8 m/min
working width: 1620mm
the thickness of the laminated material: to 30 mm
features: double-sided
the diameter of the heating rollers: 290 mm
weight: 260 kg
power supply: Ac220v 50/60 Hz
power consumption: 0.9-1.8 kW/H

Supply and installation

Large format large format laminator ViaCoat 1704 is a modern highly sophisticated device, for this reason cannot be launched by a person without specialized training. Specialist Via Color within the delivery shall start, calibration, software installation, training inclusive. Via Color also guarantees transport under the address of the place of installation of the device.


In the scope of supply the large format laminator Via Color guarantee professional training in operation and maintenance of the device. The customer is also privy to basic technical issues to ensure effective, reliable, and complete satisfaction of working on the machine ViaCoat 1704.

The term of the

The implementation is dependent on the amount of orders and inventory. In most cases, delivery is made to the 6 weeks after deposit and completing your order.

Large Format large format laminator

Financing is done quickly and safely. Large format large format laminator ViaCoat 1704 as a well-known brand is funded by GETIN LEASING, Siemens mBANK. All formalities to leave us-Via Color promises that you will get the best deal on a lease or loan the printer. Getin Leasing, Grenke Leasing, Alior Leasing.

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large format laminator