Plotter printer UV Led Wit-Color Flatbed UVIP 5B2513

Plotter UV Led Pegasus Vegas Best UV cutter in its class! The low price and high quality does not go hand in hand because Pegasus negotiated special pricing for us on the head. As the largest distributor of RICOH OEM has products at the best prices! From today on the glass will not be beyond your reach! Choose between resolutions, profiles and media. Adjust the parameters to your liking. Feel on your skin which means professional printing by using the advanced settings.

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Uv led printer Pegasus Flat!

Pegasus Flatbed for years a popular UV led printer, Flat Bed,
UV printing on any surface the new unlimited options
the next scene is more powerful and more media!
Pegasus-table plotters

uv led printer for printing on glass

What can the printer LED?

UV led Printer series Pegasus Flatbed printer is a versatile Led about the possibility of printing on rigid materials, and flat as well as all media with the role. This is a very broad spectrum UV plotter use and unlimited possibilities. At the present day UV Flatbed Pegasusu plotter apply mainly in the advertising industry, however, the last is of great interest the industry dekoratorskiej, furniture and construction.
Plotter prints on all available flat materials and role-playing,

  • glass, wood, metal, sheet, foam
  • ceramics, tiles, planks, plywood, gypsum
  • PVC foams, plexiglass, acrylic, cardboard boxes
  • aluminum, acrylic, corrugated cardboard,
  • fabrics, banners, flags,
  • wallpapers, decorative articles
  • wood, mats, carpets, flooring
  • doors, Windows, construction materials, flooring
  • ceilings, roofs, Aureo, partitions
  • Prints on media up to 14 cm

Direct printing on glass, the maximum size of 205 cm x 500 cm

The most important advantages

Thanks to the latest technologies as well as high-quality materials and components of Japanese companies, RICOH, PANASONIC, and other renowned Japanese companies, printer, UV LED Pegasus Flat impresses with its quality, performance printing as also the ease of use. The biggest advantages at a glance below:

automatic function the carriage height
the highest quality Italian carriage belts MEGADYNE HAVE
precise Japanese engines and control DELTA
innovative relief print option!
very high print quality
warranty 12 months with possible extension
safety at work-plotter has all CE certificates and declarations of conformity
full technical support
RICOH technology GEN5 or Toshiba
a rich equipment
variable drop
print the wave without strapping
speed and productivity up to 48 m 2/h (in the options with the maximum amount of heads)
the factory system consistent supply in ink
non-locking machine cards CHIP

Check out similar deals, hybrid plotters for printing on the media role to role and on glass, metal, wood.

plotter UVegas hybrid glass T1800 Toshiba
plotter UVegas hybrid glass R2000 Ricoh
plotter UVegas hybrid glass T2000 Toshiba

Plotter printing hybrid Pegasus Vegas on role (roll to Roll)

Led printer Starter package

The client receives the printer Pegasus Flat LED-UV equipment as well as full technical support based on the professional training to use the printer and software. As part of the installation the printer led UV Pegasus Vegas in the Starter is equipped with:

a special system of podsysu media
Push UP-airbag for heavy plates (optional)
software RIP Photoprint 10.5/11
warranty 12 months with possible extension
PC LapTop (optional)
7 l or (optional 8 l) CMYK or CMYK ink, Lm, Lc, white, (optional-Varnish)
cleaning set
delivery to the client
commissioning, training, calibration

Printing specifications

Pegasus Flat occurs in many configurations and 3 standard size UV led printer is equipped with a basic version in four heads RICOH GEN5. The quality which guarantees the Pegasus Flat not only relies on the RICOH heads. Success is achieved through a combination of many factors, such as software, materials, precision and high-quality components which meet the highest requirements in the specified technical parameters. Also difficult to not notice the innovative technological solutions which plotter prints, while maintaining the highest quality parameters and stability.

UV printing ink, not washable weather resistant
two, three, four or five heads RICOH GEN5 in any configuration
4 or 8 colors-any configuration with white and paint including
variable drop ideal tone while maintaining high printing speed
print the wave is fast printing without strapping in over 12 different modes
intelligent control system and the administration of the media
maximum speed up to 48 m 2/h
print area: Flat 3130:130 cm x 130 cm/Flat 3250:250 cm x 140/Flat 3320:300 cm x 200 cm

uv led printer for printing on glass

graphics on the furniture printed using plotters Pegasus Vegas


Led printer without software RIP is only half the battle, Via Color provides the original professional print management software and additional parameters plotter reputable company SAi PhotoPRINT 11. Pegasus uv led printer is fully compatible with PhotoPRINT, provides the speed, safety, quality, and ease of use.

ergonomic and easy to use
fast, stable and secure
adapted to the platforms WINDOWS XP/VISTA/7/8/10
base color profiles
color profile editor
Print cost calculator

Technical support

Via Color as one of the few suppliers ensures steady and reliable technical support.  UV led printer Pegasus series Flat has agreed to is a special service software, and standard warranty is 24miesiące. As part of the service the client is trained to quickly and efficiently able to cope in any situation and was able to continue working on the plotter without unnecessary downtime and loss. Under warranty or service contract:

fast response service throughout the country
full phone support for questions or problems
Instant online support
remote connection to the plotter
diagnosis and repair on-line
remote training, calibration, software updates
Knowledge Base know-how

Available Installation Training

UV led printer Pegasus Flat is a modern highly sophisticated device, because this cannot be launched by a person without specialized training. Specialist Via Color within the delivery shall start, calibration, software installation, training inclusive. Via Color also guarantees transport under the address of the place of installation of the device. On the client side is only to ensure the transport of the vehicle to the destination room inside the building. In the scope of supply the plotter we provide professional training to handle the plotter and software. The customer is also privy to basic technical issues to ensure effective, reliable, and complete satisfaction of working on the plotter Pegasus Flat. Implementation and delivery time depends on the amount of orders and inventory. In most cases, delivery is made to the 5 working days after and completing your order.

Funding for Bonuses

Financing of the plotter is done quickly and safely. Plotter uv led Pegasus Vegas as a well-known brand is funded by GETIN LEASING. All formalities to leave us-Via Color promises that you will get the best deal on a lease or loan the printer. Getin Leasing, Grenke Leasing, Alior Leasing.
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