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Small Format Flatbed UV Printer for gadgets

Small table uv printer for graphics size 60cm x 90cm
Small Flatbed UV Printer Pegasus Axis
precise printer for small signage and gadgets Pegasus Axis 6090
professional with movable table and carriage hight adjustment
photo printing quality

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Small Format Flatbed UV Printer high quality printing

Small Format Flatbed UV Printer

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Professional small format flatbed UV printer for led gadgets for printing on a wide variety of substrates. Wide use for printing gadgets, small items
and graphics size 60cm x 90cm. Here are some examples of use – the UV printer for Pegasus Axis gadgets is a tool for profersjonalists!

  • all kinds of gadgets – lighter, chip cards
  • phones, enclosures, box covers, mouse pads
  • stands, cardboard boxes, plexiglass, vinyl, rubber
  • metal, aluminum, plastics, papers
  • wood, plywood, mats, worktops, screens
  • ceramics, glass, tiles, terracotta tiles
  • materials, textiles, clothing, shirts, tshirt
  • and many others
  • Small Format Flatbed UV Printer

Advantages of uv printer

Professionally made UV printer for Pegasus Axis gadgets for the perfect tool ahead of expectations.
The most important advantages include:

  • use of white color with varnish and CMYK + lmlc
  • print of dark, coated, slippery or difficult materials
  • modern ink with exceptional durability and stability
  • Heated ink printheads – extend the life of the printheads 4 times
  • Large stable adjustable table with 6 zone podsysem
  • Two six-color heads with white print and lacquer options
  • Double-cooled UV LED lamps
  • Innovative cleaning system with additional external cleaning station
  • printed with wave spread
  • Network LAN interface
  • warranty up to 2 years!

UV printer for gadgets and the benefits of using it

  • UV printer for high quality – you win with the competition
  • speed – efficient production
  • Swiss ink inks – guarantee and durability … etc

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Small Flatbed UV Printer Pegasus Digital Axis

Technical parameters

model Small Format Flatbed UV Printer Pegasus Axis 6090
print area 610mm x 900mm
heads 2 x Epson MicroVoltage 6color
colors  CMYK lmlc W V
heads hight 0-110mm
print resolution 360dpi * 720dpi * 1440dpi
white color cyrculation system
power AC220/110V 50-60Hz
size 120cm*160cm*75cm
weight 155kg
interface TCP IP Lan
Small Flatbed UV Printer Digital

UV inks

UV ink of the Pegasus UF and UX series

wide gammut color
super strong adhesion
deep pigmentation
high abrasion resistance
high adhesion to the substrate
version of the ink for glass, metal and ceramics
works with universal primers
high stretchability
safety for the heads
available colors CMYK Lm Cm WV

NUtec Producer for Pegasus Printers 


Small Flatbed UV Printer NUtec ink

UV printer for gadgets financing

Leasing UV printer is a specially prepared financing offer, which we prepared specially for your company for 950pln monthly you will be able to enjoy the possibilities offered by this small flatbed UV printer for gadgets. We are always tailored to your needs and capabilities. Leasing plotters allow you to purchase our large format uv printers, without involving large financial expenses. We have been on the market for many years, so we are currently working with the best advisors.

Best solution for you is The small Flatbed UV Printer

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Our plotters and UV printers are standard 1 year warranty, we offer our customers extended packages up to 3 years. All parts for the offered printers are available 24 hours a day. It means that we have a warehouse of necessary materials and components on our warehouse. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our support and interactive instructions.

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Small Flatbed UV Printer

Print heads

captop epson dx5

Capping cap tops

Mutoh Mimaki Artemis printhead cable epson dX5

Printhead cable

dampers & filters

dampers & filters